St. Paul Events

Custodian needed.

We are looking for a future custodian at St. Paul, to start in July. Contact Pastor Yeager for more details.


Services Wednesday Nights.

Several members with weekend plans for summer have expressed interest in a midweek evening service for the summer months. Pastor Yeager will begin a service on Wednesday nights starting June 2nd at 7pm, continuing through Labor Day weekend. The service will alternate between Vespers and a Divine Service (with Holy Communion). We will have no musical accompaniment, so the services will be simplified versions of the Vespers and Divine Service liturgy—mostly spoken. Pastor will be deliberate about choosing hymns with easy and well known tunes. Members interested are invited to call pastor and stay after the service next Sunday 5/30 for a very brief refresher on the Vespers liturgy. –Pastor Yeager


150th Anniversary Committee.

The year 2023 will be the 150th Anniversary of St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church, Preble. To give thanks to God for this important milestone in our Church’s history, the Voters Assembly has determined that an Anniversary Committee should be created, to be comprised of five members of the congregation who love St. Paul, who would delight in examining the Church’s history, and who would rejoice to create events on our Anniversary year to commemorate that history. The invitation is open to all our members with such willingness—you do not have to be a voting member to join this committee. Talk to Pr. Yeager.


Our Fieldworkers.

Seminarian Anthony Keilani has received his Vicarage Assignment to Faith Lutheran Church, Green Bay, WI. Seminarian Timothy Schmeisser has received the Divine Call into the Office of the Holy Ministry to serve a tri-parish in the N. Minnesota District: Grace Lutheran Church, Sebeka, MN; Nimrod Lutheran Church, Nimrod, MN; and Zion Lutheran Church, North Germany, MN. The Lord bless and preserve our Vicar-elect and Pastor-elect and their families. We give thanks to God for their service to St. Paul, Preble.—Pr. Yeager


Ladies’ Aid Meeting.

The next one is June 17th at 7pm. All the ladies of the congregation are invited to join. The opportunities for service within the congregation are great. Join us.

Youth Events

Sunday, May 30 – Memorial Day Eve – No Youth Event

Wyneken Memorial School 

Congratulations and God’s Blessings to our Wyneken Class of 2021 Graduates 

Ashlyn Black, Izaak Bobay, Alex Flower, Drew Kolter, Meryl Kukelhan, Gwen Laurent, Dane Lenegar, Lauren McMahon, Tessa Melcher, Jack Riehm, Carissa Selking, Evan Selking, Evan Sovine, Elijah Steiner, Madeline Vitatoe, Daniel Vogel.


Congratulations! We celebrate with Mrs. Amy Schultz for 5 years of faithful service at Wyneken Childcare. Praise be to our Lord for this dedicated staff member!


Wyneken summer office hours will be 8am – 11:30am, other times will be available byappointment; School cleaning, painting and waxing of floors will start June 1; Childcare to be closed June 21-25;  School registrations/information for 2021-22 school year mailed in mid-July; Registration day is August 5; First day of 2021-22 school year is August 11 for Kindergarten-8th grades; August 16 for Pre-K; August 18 for Preschool.

Final Report Cards-  End of Year report cards will be mailed to ALL families of K-8th grades within a two-week time period after May 24. Included with the report card will be a school supply list for 2021-22 and other important information from your child’s teacher. The 2021-2022 calendar is on the Wyneken website, cards will be withheld and records will not be forwarded to new schools for families who have any outstanding fees.

Wyneken Childcare Positions- Do you have a love for children?  The Wyneken Child Care has some part-time positions open.  If interested or desiring more information, please contact Christine Cornett, Director of the Wyneken Child Care program, at 639-6064.


Custodian Substitutes- We are seeking an individual or individuals willing to substitute for our custodian, evening hours. If interested/available, please contact Andrew Gavrun at 260-639-6177 or


A part-time teacher’s aide for the 2021-2022 school year is desired. A cover letter along with resume may be sent to principal, Andrew Gavrun.  For additional information, please contact Andrew Gavrun at 260-639-6177 or

LCMS Events

COVID Re-Entry Plan at St. Paul


With the easing of State and local restrictions, our Churches are now free to determine the best course of action moving forward for their congregations. This re-entry plan has been made in consultation with the Voters’ Assembly at St. Paul, and the Churches of the Decatur circuit LCMS. These changes will be reflected, with some variation, in all our circuit Churches.


We make these changes cautiously and judiciously in the awareness that, should State and local orders be reversed, restrictions could be put back in place immediately. Should restrictions be put back in place, changes to this plan will be determined by the pastors and elders as there might not be time to convene a regular Voters Assembly to make necessary changes. All these changes will take place immediately unless otherwise noted.


Here is the Re-Entry plan at St. Paul:


  1. On the Sunday before Memorial Day, (5/30), we will return to our regularly scheduled practice of one Divine Service for the duration of the summer months at 9AM.

  2. Ropes will come down. This will take place on the first Sunday of our summer schedule, May 30th, 2021.

  3. Holy Communion

    1. Will continue to be celebrated at every regular Sunday Service.

    2. Masks will no longer be worn by celebrant and assistants.

    3. The Common Cup will be restored to those who would receive from it.

    4. Kneeling will be permitted but optional. Communicants may receive the Sacrament kneeling or standing.

    5. Hand sanitizer will no longer be offered at the rail, but will continue to be offered in the narthex.

    6. The practice of continuous Distribution, or not dismissing by table, as we have been practicing for the past year, will continue.

  4. Disinfection practices (spraying pews etc. between services) will no longer be required.

  5. Hand sanitizer will still be offered in the narthex.

  6. Masks may be worn by those who feel comfortable doing so but are not required.

  7. Hymnals will be restored to the pews. This takes place this Sunday.

  8. The plate will remain in the narthex and will not be passed for the time being, as a way of saving time, because every-service Communion will continue.