St. Paul Events

Custodian Needed

We are looking for a future custodian at St. Paul, to start in July.

Contact Pastor Yeager for more details.

Services: Wednesday Nights

Several members with weekend plans for summer have expressed interest in a midweek evening service for the summer months. Pastor Yeager will begin a service on Wednesday nights starting June 2nd at 7pm, continuing through Labor Day weekend. The service will alternate between Vespers and a Divine Service (with Holy Communion). We will have no musical accompaniment, so the services will be simplified versions of the Vespers and Divine Service liturgy—mostly spoken. Pastor will be deliberate about choosing hymns with easy and well known tunes. Members interested are invited to call pastor and stay after the service next Sunday 5/30 for a very brief refresher on the Vespers liturgy. –Pastor Yeager

150th Anniversary Committee

The year 2023 will be the 150th Anniversary of St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church, Preble. To give thanks to God for this important milestone in our Church’s history, the Voters Assembly has determined that an Anniversary Committee should be created, to be comprised of five members of the congregation who love St. Paul, who would delight in examining the Church’s history, and who would rejoice to create events on our Anniversary year to commemorate that history. The invitation is open to all our members with such willingness—you do not have to be a voting member to join this committee. Talk to Pr. Yeager.

Our Fieldworkers

Seminarian Anthony Keilani has received his Vicarage Assignment to Faith Lutheran Church, Green Bay, WI. Seminarian Timothy Schmeisser has received the Divine Call into the Office of the Holy Ministry to serve a tri-parish in the N. Minnesota District: Grace Lutheran Church, Sebeka, MN; Nimrod Lutheran Church, Nimrod, MN; and Zion Lutheran Church, North Germany, MN. The Lord bless and preserve our Vicar-elect and Pastor-elect and their families. We give thanks to God for their service to St. Paul, Preble.—Pr. Yeager

Ladies Aide Meetings

The next one is July 15th at 7pm. All the ladies of the congregation are invited to join. The opportunities for service within the congregation are great. Join us.

Youth Events

for middle and HS students this Sunday evening 6/27.